Tour the Kennedy Center with Mo Willems’s Pigeon!

The Kennedy Center
2 min readNov 22, 2019


Download our new “Tour the Kennedy Center” augmented reality app before your visit, designed by our Education Artist-in-Residence Mo Willems!

Available on the app store
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The Pigeon will take you on a fun-filled tour around the Kennedy Center and teach you a little bit more about the nation’s performing arts center — but it’s up to you to figure out if his “fun facts” are a little too fun to be true. Once you visit at least 6 locations, you can stop by our Gift Shop for a surprise!

Here’s how you can join the fun:

  1. Download the “Tour the Kennedy Center” app from the App Store (iPhone or iPad) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Connect to our KC Public WiFi network while at the Kennedy Center.
  3. Launch the app and watch the introductory video & instructions.
  4. Visit one of the nine locations to scan your first code & get started!
  5. Decide at each location whether The Pigeon’s Kennedy Center fun facts are true or false.
  6. Earn virtual cookies in your virtual cookie jar for each correct answer.
  7. Earn surprises by visiting 3, 6, or all 9 locations! 3 cookies unlocks virtual picture frames for selfies in the app. 6 cookies earns a Pigeon button. And 9 cookies means you’re awarded a Certificate of Certification, with a bonus animation scanning code! To claim your Pigeon button and Certificate of Certification, visit the Welcome Desk in the Hall of States or REACH Welcome Pavilion.