Submit your video for TubaChristmas by Nov. 29

Look back on 2019’s unforgettable TUBACHRISTMAS, and join the virtual performance this year!

From our friends at the Washington D.C. TUBACHRISTMAS Team:

While we can’t gather together this year to have our regular TUBACHRISTMAS event in person, we’re calling on our friends to submit video recordings to be included in a virtual project. The carols we have chosen for this year are Joy to the World and Silent Night. You’re welcome to participate in any or all of the carols! If you would like to participate, please send us a video recording of you playing your part in your best TUBACHRISTMAS apparel or other festive holiday colors to by November 1st using the guidelines listed below. We have provided a click track YouTube video for each part to play along with so that we can all stay together! We hope to release the final product by December 2nd on the 91st birthday of our founder, Harvey Phillips. We will make an effort to include as many submissions as possible with the time and resources available. Keep an eye out for the video release on the DCTubaChristmas and Kennedy Center Facebook pages!

The Concert Hall stage filled with festively attired brass players holding up their instruments and smiling

Recording Guidelines for TUBACHRISTMAS Video Submissions

Clothing: TUBACHRISTMAS apparel or other bright, festive colors! Bonus points for great horn decorations!

  • Smartphones are absolutely fine. If you have a better microphone or camera please feel free to use it.
  • Test out your microphone on your recording device — tubas and euphoniums often can overwhelm microphones without adjustment
  • Film in landscape orientation
  • Use headphones or earbuds to hear the click track
  • Natural light is always best, but not directly behind you
  • Try to have something behind you to add dimension (rather than a flat white wall)
  • An acoustically drier space is preferable to a reverberant (boomy) one
  • Use an extra music stand or something similar to hold your phone steady while filming. If your only option is to have someone else hold the phone, have them stay in one place through the duration of the piece.

Suggested Part Assignments

You are free to submit 1 or 2 tunes, but please submit each piece in a separate file.



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